Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mistress of Molecules By Gerald M. Weinberg

Mistress of MoleculesMistress of Molecules by Gerald M. Weinberg

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Mistress of Molecules By Gerald M. Weinberg

What will life be like in the future? In this book we are living on colonies all over the universe each place is different but the goal is the same to survive. Libra is trying to do just that and make her little corner of the universe a little better for others in the process. She is a young chemist who like her father has set out to defeat the rule of the church and free the people of Precursor. She does this by creating chemicals that cause confusion and delays. Her efforts are misguided but noble and continue until she meets the very alien who is sent to stop her.

I really enjoyed this book even though it represents a fictional, futuristic place the atmosphere felt real. I liked the diverse characters and the interaction between them. The subtext of this book is that people with power always seem to forget about the welfare of the people they are there to protect. It is well worth the read and I would recommend it to any one who likes science fiction, romance and drama.

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