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Texas Noir, Volume 1 by Milton T. Burton

Texas NoirTexas Noir by Milton T. Burton
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If you came across a book writen by your favorite author without a cover, could you tell just by reading a few pages who the author was? It would be a given, just because you know that author so well you could spot their style even without seeing a name in print first.
This book is a collection of Texas Noir short stories. In classic Milton Burton style, delightful stories filled with cynical humor and a passion for honor unlike any other. The titles are A Good Beginning, Fine Tuning, Cherry Coke, Fangs, Grassy Knoll, Hobby, Old Ira’s Still, The Collector, Quick lube: A Fable, The Grays, The Watchers, Vessel unto Honor, Thrice Hanged Throckett, The Day of the Hornet, The Gipper in Purgatory, The Apprentice, and The Question.
I would like to take a minute of your time to honor a fallen hero and the author of these great stories. Some people, after you meet them, your life will be changed forever. This happened to me after meeting Milton. I am a wannabe writer who has been working on a series of stories about a detective pig. I joined a yahoo group that was run by a woman author who writes detective books for a living. When I posted my work there, I was ridiculed and treated very poorly by another member of the forum. Milton came to my rescue, and in Milton-fashion told the member to “Go have relations with himself!” Milton then contacted me privately and invited me to his yahoo group where I have found a home among his friends. He also told me that I had the potential to become a truly talented writer and begged me not to give up. I can honestly say if it were not for Milton, I would have stopped writing. Since writing my first story, I have written and completed five of the detective pig stories and am working on more.
I am deeply saddened to say that on December 2 2011 Milton left us. I just wish I could have told him how thankful I am, he gave me the kick in the pants I needed to rediscover a long lost passion I thought was lost forever. I wish you Gods speed my dear friend and please do not give the Big Guy upstairs to much guff as he is doing the best he can.

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