Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fly Girl by Syd Blue

FlyGirlFlyGirl by Syd Blue
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fly Girl by Syd Blue

Dealing with her dad's death is hard enough, but having to do so while raising her sisters is a whole different story. Unable to cope with her husband's death, Jill’s mother shuts herself off, and sixteen-year-old Jill is left to take care of the family. Sure that her life will be stuck in this endless rut forever, Jill finds out that the cutest boy in the school thinks women pilots are hot. This sparks in her a previously unknown desire to be a pilot. After her first flight, she is forever hooked and knows the sky is where she is meant to be. It is a long, hard road filled with stupid mistakes, financial loss, and self discovery that will send her soaring to new heights of understanding about herself and who she wants to be. With a little help from another female pilot, and her friend who, even though her feet always remain on the ground, dances as if she is flying, Jill does eventually reach her goal and manages to fix her family in the process.

This is a good book for young girls who think they will never accomplish their dreams. I liked the sentiment of this story, but it was written poorly. Sometimes the character would jump from one point in the town to another without any clear way of how they got there, and the conversations were just stuck in the middle of the paragraph making it hard to tell who was talking when. That said, I would recommend this book to any young adult teen who is trying to reach what seems like an unrealistic goal. It is full of very good life lessons which will, hopefully, keep the reader from making the same life-altering mistakes as the character did.

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