Sunday, April 12, 2015

My road to Chemotherapy.

Hello, Normally I am a very private person handling issues internally but lately my life has taken a drastic turn and as a whole it has gotten bigger then myself and my small family to handle on their own. One day I noticed I started getting little brown spots like freckles all over my body then big burses started forming from just the simplest of touch. I jokingly called this my ripe banana syndrome. I went to the doctor and they told me my body was attacking my platelets. To make a very long drawn out story short I have a rare blood disorder. The doctors do not know why I developed it and it is not responding to platelet transfusions, IGIV transfusions and I am having poor response to the steroids. This all means that I now have to have Chemotherapy. For months on end I will be taking treatments with unknown results or side affects. Normally as a person I can handle this sort of thing I think my whole life has been preparing me for just this situation. I however have dependents who need me as I am the sole provider for my disabled husband and our four children. So it is with a humble heart that I call out to you and ask you to read my story at the link below and if you have the means give a little. If you do not have the monetary means it is fine I totally understand. I also appreciate all of the prayers and well wishes they are a great comfort.

Sally A Wolf Oncologist Fund