Friday, December 29, 2017

Double Crossed by Colbie Kay

Double Crossed by Colbie Kay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Victoria hates her life she has always been the good girl doing what she was told until that fateful day when she ran into Snake. Tall, handsome, and tattooed he was just too bad to resist the temptation. What happened next was like a fairy tale at first everything was perfect love seemed to be endless then she was betrayed, and instantly her heart was broken. So what does she do, Victoria moves on with her life, but nothing will ever compare to what she had with Snake. Will she ever find love again or will she be forced to wonder what if for the rest of her life? You will just have to read this wonderful romance to find out. The sex in this story is tactful and we'll write it is woven into the story well and is part of the narrative instead of being the main focus. I would recommend this to any romance lover who wants a solid quick read with, a lifetime lived, a lover lost, and found again. This book is filled with an emotional roller coaster that will keep you turning the pages all night and make it so you want to start it all over as soon as you are done.

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