Sunday, January 14, 2018

Seeds of Foreverland Tony Bertauski

Seeds of Foreverland (Foreverland, #0.5)Seeds of Foreverland by Tony Bertauski
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Harold was a smart kid who came from a messed up family. Each day his parents worked in the basement looking for a cure to his mother's illness until one day it happened, the world as Harold knew it crashed to the ground at the bottom of the basement steps and was never the same again. This was a quick read filled with mystery, science, and the overall emotional frustration of the character having to deal with bullies and his mother's illness. If you like science fiction then you might find this book interesting, but since it is an origin story, it is missing some needed suspense.  The main character carried this book entirely on his shoulders and while his part was fantastic the supporting characters lacked depth and drag the story down with vague conversations and lack of presence until the end and by that time it was too late the story was over. I would recommend this book for science fiction fans and I hope I can continue with the Foreverland trilogy, so I can fully understand the path this author was trying to take with this universe.

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