Need a book reviewed?

     People often asks me what genre I review. To be honest I read any book I can get my hands on. If you are not in a hurry I would be happy to read and review any book.

Please note time is a valuable commodity. Primarily because there is always a shortage of it, and no lack of things to do with it. Fact is I have to earn a living to survive. Who doesn't? I'd love to review your book, but usually have to read books in the order they arrive. However, if you need it done more quickly, I'd appreciate a small donation. This isn't mandatory. However, as  a self employed person with allot of work on the table at any given time, I can elect to spend my time reading instead of earning money, if it comes out in the wash. Again, I'm happy to do it for free, but it does take a bit longer. Thank you for your understanding!

Thanks for your interest,
Sally A Wolf

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