Sunday, February 21, 2021

Dragons in the Clouds by David Blair

Dragons in the CloudsDragons in the Clouds by David Blair
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Good start but needs a bit of polish.

This book is about an epic battle of dragons versus man. Both plant and meat eating dragons are under attack by the king. The herbivore dragons are helped by a wizard who sends them into the sky. A great idea is spoiled by jealousy, however, and tragedy for all is the result or is there still hope? You will just have to read this book to find out.
This is an interesting young adult fantasy novel filled with action, adventure, dragons, magic, and friendship. The underlying plot of this book is well thought out and is interesting. The characters were somewhat diverse and flowed well with the plot. For the most part it is a solid read, because of its uniqueness, and it made a good fantasy. The biggest downfall of this book was the overall writing style. For example, there were many overused phrases such as "Kicked the horses into a gallop" was used three times in the same paragraph consisting of only four sentences, and that is just one of many examples. There were also several phrases which didn't fit into the time period like "the king and his pose". The whole book said a lot, but lacked a good description of the environment, and characters. The beginning started out strong but as the story within the story unfolded the characters and the world they lived in seemed to loose depth and the overall book became tedious. It is hard to say whether or not I would recommend this book to any reader. I enjoyed the storyline, but the monotonous phraseologies and lack of connection to the characters made it hard to read. Some older readers may dislike this, book due to these factors and should pass. On the other hand younger individuals who pay less attention to details, and the repetition would not bother them, would probably enjoy the dragons, and magical undertone, but there is a lot of violence, so finding the correct reader demographic may be difficult.

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