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Angels In Red by Adelle Laudan Meet and greet with author my review and chance to WIN a Signed Print Copy!

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I would like to welcome a wonderful romance writer Adelle Laudan Thanks for joining us today.

Hi! Adelle Laudan here. Thanks for having me, Sally J


I’ve dabbled in many genres, from middle-grade, all the way to the other end of the spectrum with a thriller/serial killer duo. I’ve always been drawn to my genre of choice, Biker Fiction.  For example, in Killer Scents/Scent of a Killer, the two detectives ride Harleys. In, In Your Eyes, the hero rides, etc etc

Angels in Red has no motorcycles, but it incorporates my second favorite genre, Inspirational, in a character with Down syndrome.

I grew up in a very strict home, where television was closely monitored, as were books, music , etc My escape came in writing short stories. Oh how I wish I’d saved them, but at ten/twelve years old, I never dared to dream of the possibility of being a published author.

I left home at the tender age of fifteen and it would be several more years before I picked up a pen again. In the interim, I fell into the loving, nurturing arms of the motorcycle community.  Much of my research comes from my own personal experiences.

At twenty-four years of age, I went back to school to garner my high school diploma. It is there the ‘writing  seed’ was watered by an English teacher named, Jim, who recognized something in my writing as a gift to explore.

I played around with short stories a bit, here and there after that. Ten years went by before I ended up having some pretty major back surgery that left me unable to work outside the home for the first time in my adult life.

By then I was Mom to all four of my children. After one too many days watching the walls close in around me, I picked up a pen and like I did so many years prior, escaped through the written word. Several years later, I let my best friend read one of my stories, titled, Juliana. She convinced me to submit it for publication. Imagine my surprise, less than two weeks later, being offered a contract. Juliana can still be purchased on Amazon. It is the first story in my ongoing series, Women of Strength.

You can find all of my books on Amazon. All ten full-length books are available in ebook and print—ten shorter stories in ebook only.

Once again, thank you Sally. If you would be so kind as to draw a name this Friday, August 8th, at midnight from all who comment, I’d love to offer a signed, print copy of Angels in Red to the winner.

My Thoughts:
Angels in Red by Adelle Laudan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When her father announces she is to be wed to an older, overweight, perverted drunk to seal a business deal, Jenna grabs her purse and her mother’s dairy and then hightails it out of her house. She gets into her Jaguar and spins out of the drive on the snow, which had been falling steadily all day. On her way to the ski lodge, she swerves to avoid a deer in the middle of the road. No match for the icy roads, her Jag fishtails, sending her into the guardrail and over the side of the mountain. Jack, who was stargazing with his telescope, sees the accident. He hurriedly hitches his dogs to their sled and races to the rescue. What he finds is a broken angel covered in blood. He hurriedly gathers her up and returns home to nurse her back to health. What happens next is so hot it could melt snow.

This is a classic romance filled with believable characters, fantastic dogs, and a bit of a twist which will keep you turning pages. I like how the love scenes are subtle and romantic instead of hot and graphic. I believe this style flows better with the overall feel of the story. I would recommend it to anyone who likes romance novels.

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